Harry Dean Lewis

a surrealistic universe of lyrics and melodies

With an encapsulating energy and honest grit, Harry is breaking genre boundaries in Vienna with his band and their high-energy performance, and signature hooks that float within and outside of Alternative-Indie Pop.

After spending time in Berlin to hone his craft of Song-writing, Harry moved to Vienna during the pandemic and has already made waves, collaborating with some Viennese icons. As well as releasing his first Single 'HOLLYWOOD' on Sunshine Enterprises and receiving heavy rotation on Superfly FM plus making their 100 Most liked songs of 2023 he has released Singles with Jon Gravy, Joe Traxler, Julian Skone AKA Girondolini and is set to start bringing out a Collaboration EP with Girondolini, featuring Lukas Oscar and Jahson the Scientist, in January '24. 

Upcoming shows

17.02.24 - Loft (Band)

14.03.24 - Superbude (Trio)

08.06.24 - Kufstein Unlimited Festival (Band)


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